Molson Canadian #bemorecanadian Social Campaign

  • Client Molson Canadian / Date July 2017 / Category Social Media Campaign. Concept, Design and Management

To drive brand engagement through real life experiences showing what it means to be Canadian.
To connect with the target audience through the creation of engaging and relevant content to help build an emotional connection with the brand.


By calling out the great traits associated with the Canadian spirit and tapping into the similarities with our own Irish characteristics, we felt that the mirroring of these traits would help to build resonance with Irish audiences. The message being communicated would be instantly recognisable and people would be encouraged to get involved.

The Campaign

The Canadian Spirit is renowned for its free spirited, intrepid, adventure loving, easy going and fun-filled attitude that appreciates great quality of life, being active and at one with nature. This celebration of life and making the most of every occasion was easily identifiable by Irish audiences as they were immersed in the Canadian world through the #BeMoreCanadian campaign.

Focusing on Canada’s 150th Anniversary celebrations, we introduced the campaign through messages of what it really means to be Canadian, along with an explanation of the competition and a teaser of prizes to pique interest.

Embrace Your Canadian Spirit

Audiences were asked to embrace the Canadian spirit in their everyday lives through a series of incentivised challenges, and to share their #BeMoreCanadian attempts whilst nominating a friend to do the same. Winners were posted throughout the campaign for completion of individual tasks but there was also a chance to win the Grand Prize , a trip to Toronto to see the Maple Leafs play.

A campaign content calendar was created with a mix of video, animated and static posts utilising as many existing owned assets as possible. A list of proposed challenges was devised in keeping with the Canadian spirit and the campaign was supported by instore POS and activity driving audiences online.


The campaign content was shown to have immediately resonated with the target audience due to the positive engagement with an initial “tone-of-voice” post. This positive reaction continued with a prize-focused post showing an even 50/50 split between paid and organic reach. All posts resulted in strong, positive responses with the most successful video post receiving over 11,000 ten second views, with video views, reach and engagement outperforming all campaign KPI’s. The campaign reached 386,348 consumers in total, with 199,000 consumers viewing a total of 858 hours of video.

Post campaign analysis gave a clear understanding of the type of content the target market identifies most with and which type of posts encourage repeat engagement. A strong reconnection with the audience was established along with the associations made with the brand which will be leveraged for future campaign planning.